4 Quick Ways to Get Rich Without Much Effort

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Published on: October 27, 2013

Most guys think they need to work a lot to become wealthy individuals, but that’s not true. Rich people work smart, not hard. I can show you at least 4 ways that will allow you to make money without much effort…

#1. – Compound Interest

Albert Einstein said: “The most powerful force in the Universe is compound interest”.

Many people underestimate the power of compound interest when making their investing decisions. Small gains tend to add up very quickly when you invest in a wise way. If you invest your money in a responsible disciplined manner in no time you are going to have a small fortune.

The beauty of compound interest is that you will get rich without much effort; your money is working for you.

#2. – Learn the art of the sale

Every single business needs sales to exist. Become a skillful salesman and you will be able to create money at will. Schedules are very flexible in this occupation, so you don’t need to quit your day job to get started.

In the Internet era you don’t even need face-to-face meetings to sell stuff. You can join an affiliate program and earn commissions on your free time.

#3. – The stock market.

Think about the wealthiest men in the world. All of them have money invested in the market. It doesn’t matter if the markets go up or down, if you learn to trade efficiently you will be able to make money, regardless of the market conditions.

Many profitable trading systems only require you to take decisions once a day, or even once a week. So, you don’t need long working hours to make money in this business.

#4. – Find a problem and solve it.

A good idea can turn you into a millionaire overnight. Think about a common problem, and try to solve it. Don’t worry you don’t need to build anything. You can sell your idea to a developing company and earn upfront cash for it, or earn income through royalties.

One final thought…

Aristoteles Onassis, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, had a secret for getting rich. Use other people’s resources.

You don’t have money to invest in the stock market, use others people money. You have an idea to solve a problem, but you are not an inventor, use others people talent. You don’t have to be a Doctor to own a hospital, use others people knowledge.

Pension Release Without Any Hassles

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Published on: October 23, 2013

Every individual today invests in a pension plan. A pension plan means that you have something to fall back upon after you have retired from your job or while you move into the sunset years of your life. Most of us know that this plan cannot be broken as a way to get back the money that you might have invested into it. A number of people face difficulty in early pension release. During financial crisis, people choose to seek alternate solutions.

There are several people who have sought an early pension release only to have it termed as illegal. People could restructure the cash in their retirement fund when they are in dire need of money. Financial situations of people do not stay the same every time. There are times when a person might be financially sound without any worry about money. However, situations like these do not stay the same forever. In desperate situations or when a person might be in need of money, they might be forced to use the money he has invested in his retirement fund.

When a person is told that they cannot withdraw cash pension under 55, they might be placed in an odd spot and with a lot of financial trouble to worry about. If they do withdraw their retirement fund amount, they may be forced to incur a 55% tax bill. This amount would be too much for a person looking for money urgently. The good news for these people looking for financial stability is that the money in their funds could be withdrawn without having to worry about any illicit and illegal troubles.

Yes, your retirement fund could be acquired without you having reached retirement age in case of financial turmoil that you may to be facing. With the help of pension transfer, your retirement fund can be consolidated into an easy to manage scheme. With this scheme, you could manage the cash from your retirement fund and release up to 75% from the transfer value for you to access immediately. Early pension release has helped several people suffering due to the paucity of funds. This release of money is not illegal and can be done by anyone who owns a pension plan.

In order to find early pension release, it is important that you contact a good company to ensure that you do not get into any kind of legal trouble during the release work. Choose a company that has good experience in this field. A reliable company will advise you on how to go about releasing your money. Professional and well accomplished companies will help you in your attempt to gain access to your retirement fund before you retire.

They know that no two clients are same and they provide services that would suit their clients the best. You will find detailed information about various schemes on their website. If you have any queries, you can contact the professionals online.

Fraudulent Schemes in Forex – 10 Ways of Detecting Them

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Published on: October 20, 2013

The unregulated and highly profitable Forex Market is extremely attractive, not only for us as traders, but also for those who are best defined by the word “SCAM”. According to CFTC records, the average individual foreign exchange trading victim loses about $15,000 – ForexPeaceArmy

There is a high rise of fraudulent schemes as evident in the warnings stated by the CFTC, and other Forex Regulatory Agencies. Most of these deals go unnoticed with huge losses to the traders, which are most times are unrecoverable. The technology and patterns being deployed by these fraudulent schemes are getting more sophisticated these days.

Scammers take advantage of the trader’s ignorance, appetite, and trust. Unfortunately the huge appetite for immediate success, and the urge to “get-rich-quick” in Forex has made most of these traders to fall prey to these fraudulent schemes.

Fortunately extensive research on exposing the methods used by these fraudulent schemes also known as “Forex Scams” has provided ways of detecting their patterns, tricks, and traps.


    1. Take note of get rich quick slogans especially with EAs & Trading Strategies. For example “This bot generates over 1000% returns in few months with zero drawdown… “. This is a killer scam because there’s yet to be any EA to my knowledge without a single drawdown. Drawdowns are inevitable in Forex. Therefore an ideal system should have lesser drawdown to profit ratio on the long run.


    1. Watch out for similar or look alike brand names, and functionality dubbing a popular EA or Forex product on the market. Some EAs are faked by impersonating the real EA’s functions. They often come with very good looks on their package with cheaper prices to attract buyers.


    1. Poorly designed website with no locatable address or wrong phone numbers. This can be very easy to detect especially for some websites that upload picture files of the results of backtested EA’s which looks choppy and blurry in appearance. You’ll find little technical information of the product but lots of positive graphs and bogus figures inserted in thumbnail sized pictures. Be watchful when you come across offers emanating from places like this.


    1. Watch out for awkward positive reviews on the website of the vendor’s Forex product. Look out for unusual similar statement patterns about a product or service, and location of the users posting reviews.


    1. No proof of segregated accounts for fund managers scheme or PAMM. An ideal managed account scheme should operate client’s funds in a segregated account. Although a verified proof is still not enough to assure you of the integrity of the operator, hence it is safer to investigate the personality of the operator before accepting such offers.


    1. Look out for unclear refund policy statement. If the refund policy is stated in the advert of the product on the vendor’s webpage, but not stated in the agreement document or any legal binding document, then you are likely walking into a dangerous zone. Also watch out for refund policies not backed by internationally recognized financial payment institutions.


    1. Unsolicited or spam emails flooding from a particluar vendor requesting you to buy his product. The emails are most times poorly written with encrypted or shortened URLs. Most times the cost of the product is drastically reduced as a bait to lure you to consider buying it.


    1. Watch out for statements emanating especially from emails saying “we are the authorized sellers or representative of the winner of the MQL4 or MQL5 Championship Competition EA, and we are offering few copies of this EA at a discount price of… “. Usually at the end of MQL competitions, there is a surge of fake offers to sell the 1st position EA or something close to it. Most offers are dubious. Always verify such offers directly from the host’s website.


    1. When the vendor absolutely or continuously breach the conditions of service or the product performs absolutely terrible against the performance claims stated on the advert or performance results on the website in a normal trading condition. This is red alert of a probable scam deal.


  1. When the vendor cannot or finds it very difficult to give right answers to questions below;
  • Can I get a refund if your conditions or performance are not met?
  • I have heard issues from customers and user reviews about poor performance or product failure sometime ago. Is this true? Has it been handled? If yes how was it handled?
  • Can I get an investor access to your live account, and watch it trade live for some months?
  • Why is your regulatory certificate still pending?
  • Can you please clarify if there is a relation with your company name, or registered name, or partner’s name, or subsidiary’s to a closed down or an existing case with a Regulatory Agency?

If these questions are difficult or cannot be correctly answered by a vendor then be very careful

Applying these cautions would not only help you detect, and avoid scam deals, but would also help to drive scammers out of the Forex Market. A faster way of getting this done is sharing information like thi to other traders.

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